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Tax law is subject to regular changes in legislation as well as in jurisdiction and tax administration. It is important to be up-to-date with the latest to provide the best advice to you professionally and individually. Any modification of your business or personal status affects your tax liability. Along with you and your business we consider all aspects of this complex legal area and connections to other relevant laws.

Our expert advice in tax related matters includes:

  • Recurring activities, such as annual financial statements, tax returns, administrative and payroll accounting etc. 
  • Execution of complex matters, such as inheritance tax or tax offences, and
  • External audits

Aspects of Taxation Law in detail:

  • Tax advice
  • Generating annual financial statements
  • Generating annual tax returns, including income tax, turnover tax, business income tax, corporate income tax and tax assessment notices
  • Generating of current administrative and payroll accounting declarations, including turnover tax instalment declarations, and registrations for income tax and social security
  • Generating anticipated inheritance arrangements
  • Gift duty and inheritance tax
  • Providing external audits
  • Advice in penal proceedings for tax offenses

Yout contact person
Bettina Bunzel

Certified Expert Solicitor Taxation Law

(0621) 87507-0

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