What you can expect from our legal and tax consultancy:

In-depth technical knowledge, personal availability, clear and direct communication skills and reliability describe our work ethics. Our aim is to consider all aspects for your situation creatively.

We do not get lost in legal capabilities rather than focus on economically sound solutions for your concerns. In some instances it could be that your case is legally strong and could be won in court while in real life this could be more expensive and tedious than a legal ‘detour’.

With our experience and knowledge we can realistically ascertain all relevant risks and opportunities while keeping in mind other legal aspects and your current legal, tax and personal situation. We believe this is the way to find a solution which truly satisfies your needs.


Christoph Vigano

Certified Expert Solicitor Banking and Capital Markets Law

Stefan Schilling

Certified Expert Solicitor Labour and Inheritance Law

Bettina Bunzel

Certified Expert Solicitor Taxation Law