Tenancy & Lease Law in Mannheim

Currently, most tenancy and lease agreements are standardised but they often prove to be insufficient or inapplicable to real life situations whether it be private or commercial, owner, landlord or tenant. These discrepancies result from an ever changing case law and the fact that standardised clauses often do not match the individual cases at hand.

We provide expert advice in drafting rental & lease contracts as well as support in cases of conflict. Experience shows that focusing merely on the legal situation might not provide the most pragmatic solution. Simply lowering the rent or getting an eviction order might not be the best outcome in your situation. We aim to understand all other relevant aspects and to weigh up the commercial cost and benefits to work out the best solution.  

Aspects of Tenancy & Lease Law in detail:

  • Private rental and commercial lease agreements
  • Contracts draft and review
  • Take legal actions to enforce claims
  • Incidentals, eviction, leasing
  • Real estate and property law
  • Consulting, contract drafting, negotiation, representation extrajudicial and in court relating to:
    • Purchase and sale of real estate
    • Mortgages and encumbrances
    • Auctions
  • Property boundaries, divisions and joining properties

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Certified Expert Solicitor Labour and Inheritance Law

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