Traffic Law and Damage and injury claims in Mannheim

Following a traffic accident the primary questions are “who’s at fault?” and “what compensation can one claim?”

Both questions are important to clarify. Furthermore, it is crucial that you are cognisant of all legal conditions to achieve the best outcome. Through our network of relevant experts, we can:

  • Provide you with surveyors to investigate the damage to and on your vehicle
  • Get your car through the crash repair system efficiently, and
  • Enforce your compensation claims efficiently and effectively regarding injury, hire car cost and downtime.

We will look at all aspects of your case and provide you with the most pragmatic solution. 

Aspects of Traffic Law and Damage and injury claims in detail:

  • Processing car accidents matters (insurance claims, third part property, leased cars)
  • Representation extrajudicial and in court relating to car accidents
  • Enforcement of compensation for material and immaterial damage
  • Representation for traffic infringements
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