Banking Law

A bank customer can be both a debtor as well as a creditor. To each role there are complex legal jurisdictions and laws as well as applicable laws of the European Communities.

  • Aspects cover
  • Monetary transactions
  • Loan security
  • Claims regarding compensation and rescission of contract
  • Mortgages
  • Financing holdings in closed or open end funds

We provide expertise in all legal aspects relating to loans, depository banking, funds transfers, and further cover claims enforcement and defence for all types of contract.

Aspects of Banking Law in detail:

  • Representation extrajudicial and in court relating to:
    • Monetary transactions, including Funds transfers, cheque and note payments, online banking etc
    • Loans, Credits, personal loans, guarantees, mortgages etc
    • Capital investments, including: Investment consulting and brokerage for shares, funds, bonds, life insurances, real estate co-development and other so-called tax avoiding scheme
  • Advice on, provision of and review of contracts relating to loans, securities, pooling agreements, trusts, leasing and similar
  • Ombudsman procedures

Your contact person
Christoph Vigano

Certified Expert Solicitor Banking and Capital Markets Law

(0621) 87507-0

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