Capital Market and Investment Law

Investors lose billions in damages from investments in the capital markets every year. This can be due to a lack of regulation and governmental control of markets for investment models such as property funds, or investors being poorly advised by their financial analysts. Closed funds in particular, such as property funds, media funds or shipping funds affected investors the worst. The same applies to certificate trading (Lehman Brothers), bonus shares (PROKON, Prosavus) and atypical silent partnership (German legal speciality). With no regulations in place for these markets and investment sectors, established court rulings and principles for investment liabilities are to be applied and enforced.

Our experience and specialisation ensures we are cognisant of both sides, that is the banks’ and financial institutions’ perspective as well as the private investors’ perspective. We represent you and meet your needs, defending or enforcing any claims while strictly avoiding any conflict of interest.

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Christoph Vigano

Certified Expert Solicitor Banking and Capital Markets Law

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