Labour Law

Rights and obligations of employees and employers are not only written down in their employment contract. It is important to ensure consistency between the labour related conflict and its consequences with the current law and latest jurisdiction. This requires consideration of the European laws and jurisdictions which are becoming increasingly relevant.

Our aim is to provide our expertise to you at an early stage to avoid conflicts altogether. Shaping and structuring contracts with the end in mind helps to achieve this while incorporating industry specifics.

We pride ourselves to support employees and employers in all aspects of Labour Law and ensure their rights are protected and can be enforced efficiently. 

Aspects of Labour Law in detail:

1.     Individual Industrial Relations (salary, annual leave, working hours, leave benefits, references, warnings)

2.     Job Protection (continued employment, compensation, unemployment benefit; retirement transition)

3.     Special Termination Protection (equal employment rights)

4.     Drafting contracts for

a)      Employment

b)      CEO engagement

c)       Termination

5.     Collective Industrial Relations (employee participation and co-determination, constitutional changes, reconciliation and redundancy plan negotiations)